SA celebs’ reality shows: The ups, downs & drama of star life

South Africans can’t get enough of reality TV – especially ones that feature their favourite stars.

The Kardashians made celebrity reality shows popular and the family is still going strong 15 seasons later.

Bonang Matheba and Somizi are South Africa’s reality queen and king, but they are not the only celebrities with their own reality show.


Take a look at five other Mzansi stars who have had their own reality show…

DJ Zinhle

While most celebrity reality shows are all about the glamorous lives they live, DJ Zinhle decided to empower women in the country. It Takes a Village made its TV debut in November last year and received rave reviews from viewers. The show helped address issues such as teenage pregnancy, unemployment, education and drug abuse.

“This #ItTakesAVillage show is more authentic unlike these local reality shows on vuzu amp that are just so rehearsed with no heart. Don’t want to mention names but they know who they are,” one viewer wrote.

Zinhle hoped that the show would help genuinely change women’s lives and, judging by the first season, it did just that. Word on the street is that there will most likely be a season two.

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Papa Penny

Papa Penny Ahee had viewers in stitches with his antics on the show.

His weird but romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for his wife had viewers oohing and aahing and laughing at the same time. His weird menu choice, his and hers chairs and trying to sell himself as his wife’s flower on the night had us rolling on the floor with laughter.

Don’t get us started on his weird outfit choices! We can’t wait to see what he has in store for viewers in season three.

Sonia Mbele

Actress Sonia Mbele joined the Real Housewives of Johannesburg cast this year. The show premiered earlier this month, giving viewers an inside look of what it is like to be a rich and famous housewife.

Apparently, it involves lots of drama, fancy cars, designer clothes and entertaining people you don’t like at parties.

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Angelique Gerber

Angelique Gerber, wife of rugby star Jacques Potgieter, documented her motherhood journey on her very own reality show, Angelique & Jr.

“Each episode is a day in the life of my son. So when he is older, he can see just how special he is to us,” the actress and TV presenter said in a trailer for the show.

Viewers got a glimpse of what WAGs (the wives and girlfriends of sportsmen) get up to when their husbands are away. Judging from Angelique’s reality show, it is not always glamorous.


Dineo Ranaka

TV and radio personality Dineo Ranaka’s reality show, Dineo’s Diary ticked all the right boxes. There was family drama, relationship woes and a fight or two. Despite being popular with viewers, the show was taken off air last year – much to Dineo’s relief. She believed she shared too much on the show.

“I wanted to discontinue the bloody show. Whether it will come back again, I don’t know but I am not pitching for it,” she told Drum magazine. Dineo returned to reality TV earlier this year with Yimlo making its debut in January. Mzansi magic described it as “a show that helps ordinary South Africans reveal and live in their truths”. Viewers described it as “the most unnecessary show I’ve seen on TV. Like Dineo should try knitting or something.” Ouch!

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