Rolene Strauss

 It has been an auspicious 2017 for former Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss, who was crowned Miss World in 2014.

In January she and her husband D’Niel welcomed their first child, a bouncing baby boy, into the world.

Rolene Strauss Has Much To Celebrate!

The next significant event came this week, on December 7, when the 1,77m beauty graduated as a medical doctor from the University of the Free State with a MBChB degree.

Dr Rolene Strauss says her passion for health, women and education is the cornerstone of her purpose in life, adding: “I’m a test tube baby and I believe my passion for health was born with me.”

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Strauss has been able to indulge her ardor for helping heal the sick because of her dedication and devotion to the study of medicine. Blessed with both brains and beauty, she took a break from her studies for two years to fulfill her duties as Miss South Africa 2014 and then as Miss World 2014.

Rolene Strauss
She went back to studying medicine in 2016.

“My love for health and medicine is what got me back to studying. There were so many opportunities to be explored after my year as Miss World but I wouldn’t have been ‘Rolene’ if I didn’t finish my medical studies. I have absolutely no regrets,” she says.

Strauss said that she will not commence with her medical internship immediately, but is very excited about all that lies ahead in 2018.

Rolene Strauss Reigns Supreme!

“I am looking forward to participating in more public speaking engagements as a motivational speaker and I want to finish writing my book,” she said.

One of the projects she is particularly excited about is launching a holistic women’s health practice in the Paarl with her sister-in-law, Dr Ledivia Strauss, during April 2018.

“I look forward to a wonderful new year and to the future with my husband and baby boy finally under one roof.  I would like to thank everyone who has supported me during the arduous but fruitful past few years as Miss South Africa, Miss World, medical student, wife, mother and now medical doctor.”



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