Nicole Bessick Talks Autumn Beauty + Fashion!

Nicole Bessick

Nature, the weather and retail are all providing signals beyond any calendar that summer is fading into autumn. The harsh sun has started to cool down, but that means one thing, a change in wardrobe and beauty products, time to replace the tank tops with sweaters, and slops with sneakers.

We caught up with Actress, Nicole Bessick and got her to share her autumn beauty and fashion secrets.


What is your must-have autumn accessory and why you love it?

NICOLE: Lash extensions – all year round, in fact! I love the way it frames the face, and it literally cuts my make-up routine in half. All you need is a great BB cream, and you’re good to go!

What product are you currently obsessed with?

NICOLE: I’m always on the go, so it would have to be my Thandana Lolly bag from Macaroon Collection. It makes running between work, gym and play so much easier! Plus, it’s super spacious too.

What one fashion item can’t you live without and why?

NICOLE: The clothes you wear to workout in have the BIGGEST impact on your fitness routine. I love Wildcat at the moment! Their pieces are eye-catching, comfortable and are made with showcasing and celebrating the female form in mind. Wildcat gives me that extra motivation to get up at the crack of dawn and get to training… so that I can strive to be the strongest, healthiest, most empowered version of myself.

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