MUST SEE: Ridiculously lavish celebrity kids’ birthday parties!

by all4women

Celebrities go all-out when it comes to throwing their children the perfect birthday parties

From custom-made décor to gifts worth thousands of rands, no expense is spared.

Some of the parties are fit for royalty!

Here’s a look at some of the ridiculously lavish parties Mzansi’s biggest stars have thrown for their kids:

Kenny Kunene

Businessman Kenny Kunene went all out for his son Remo’s first birthday earlier this year. He reportedly spent over R23 000 on the tot’s gifts alone.

The former ‘Sushi King’ bought Remo a mini car collection that included a “baby” Lamborghini, Ferrari, Cadillac, Bentley and Mercedes Benz. Remo’s bio on his Instagram account says he is “the most fashionable and spoilt baby”. That he is!

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