SEE: Mr South Africa Makes Matric Dance Dream Come True

by Mark Wasserman

This past week the Mr. South Africa organization had the chance to make a difference is someone’s life yet again.

Kayla Brand, a student from Highschool Tygerberg lives in a safehouse with her mother and her younger brother. She has grown up without her father.

Dionne Jordaan Photography

Kayla gets up at 04:30 in the morning to get ready and be on time for school as her studies and education has always come first in her life. She would brave the mornings and take a taxi to the Parrow station and then have to walk the rest of the way to her school. Neither storm or rain has ever stopped her from attending school and you will find Kayla at school either completely drenched from the rain or even if she is not feeling well. Her education always comes first.

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The Mr. South Africa brand was approached by Coastal radio to support the initiative and help make this day a special one for Kayla. They immediately agreed to help. The 2019 title holder, Heinrich Gabler, escorted Kayla to her Matric farewell last week and even bought her some flowers like a real gentleman should!

Mr South Africa as a brand and Heinrich himself certainly set the example for the men of South Africa as to what it means to be a gentleman.

See more pics below:

Dionne Jordaan Photography

Dionne Jordaan Photography

Dionne Jordaan Photography

The organisation thanked the following for assisting in making Hayla’s dream come true:

Dionne Jordaan Photography
Charlotte Nails
Backlash Hair and Beauty
Grace Garments
The message Truck
Comien Vorster
Touche Photography
Carol from the Diet Doctor

Mr South Africa 2015 Armand Du Plessis Catchup

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