Mpoomy Ledwaba – YouTuber And Business Woman On The Rise!


One person dominating the SA YouTube scene right now is Mpoomy Ledwaba. The 25-year-old joins a list of the very few elite local content creators who’ve managed to successfully turn their huge social media following and engagement into a successful business. Here she takes us through the early stages of her business and how social media helped, especially in its emergence.

The Early Days Of Her Business


Speaking on the early stages of her business, Nompumelelo Ledwaba shares some of the challenges she encountered while trying the get Aneno – that is her beauty business – off the ground.

“I started doing house calls because I didn’t have a place and capital. I branded my car and I would move from house to house doing people’s nails and then demand got so bad that I’d leave the house at 6 in the morning and be back by 9 in the evening”, she says.

Nevertheless, she managed to save up enough money to open a nail bar. “I managed to save up some money and I got help from a mentor and I opened a nails bar which is currently running in Melville. And then we grew, it’s our second year running.”

On Growing And Expanding

Her beauty bar has now moved to a bigger venue in Melville, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying so it’s time to grow and expand. Now we’re moving to 27 boxes, it’s a bigger premises and we’re adding more services,” said a goal-driven Mpoomy.

Using Social Media To Get Clients

She attributes her current success to social media and word of mouth. “Social media was my biggest tool. I tried other forms of marketing. I’ve always had a huge following and I used that to my advantage. Also word of mouth – it grows your client base.”

Leaving Her Studies To Fulfil Her Purpose

To our surprise, she left her studies in her final year to follow her purpose, “I studied accounting and dropped out in my final year – I was just like this isn’t what I want to do. And then I registered my company as a cleaning company. I did the cleaning for a few months and I hated it. I remember one December all the people I hired left and I had to clean people’s houses myself”.

Working At Investec

It was during her time at Investec that she discovered her calling. “I worked at Investec for a year while I was studying; I was in the CSC programme.  As much as I didn’t really like accounting, I think working there was a blessing in disguise because I discovered what I didn’t want to do. It opened my eyes to what I want to do.” Lookout for the full exclusive interview in issue 29 of our magazine hitting the shelves soon

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