Meet SA’s First Lady, Dr Tshepo Motsepe

Here’s everything you need to know about Mrs Ramaphosa – who is an influential, incredibly inspiring woman.

She is highly educated


They don’t call her Dr Tshepo Motsepe for nothing.

Unlike some famous figures, Ramaphosa’s wife does not have an honorary degree or PhD. She is a qualified doctor.

Dr Motsepe obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

She’s also a Harvard graduate. Dr Ramaphosa also has a Master of Public Health [MPH] in Maternal Child Health and Aging.

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She comes from an influential family

Dr Motsepe has built a name for herself through sheer hard work and determination. But she’s not the only successful family member.

Her brother is billionaire Patrice Motsepe. Her sister Bridgette Radebe, who is married to Minister in the President Jeff Radebe, was named one of SA’s wealthiest women in 2017, with a reported net worth of R1-billion.


She is wife number two

Mrs Ramaphosa is the president’s second wife. He was previously married to businesswoman Nomazizi Mtshotshisa.

He later met Dr Motsepe, who has stuck by her man through thick and thin. When news reports claimed her husband was having an affair with several women last year, she came out swinging to defend him.

“It is very sad what is happening. It’s disappointing that people have to go to such lengths to discredit a person. I am very, very upset about it. We have been together a long time and are happily married,” she told the Sunday Times.

Ramaphosa admitted to cheating on his wife eight years ago, but labelled the reports as a campaign to smear his name ahead of the ANC’s national elective conference in December 2017.

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She is a mum of three

Cyril and Tshepo have three children together. The president also has a son with his ex-wife Nomazizi.

Not much is known about the Ramaphosa kids, but what little information that is available reveals that they are smart kids.

Tumelo Ramaphosa, who has a Master of Science from a business school in America, is the CEO of StudEx Wild Life. He is the only Ramaphosa child who appears to be active on social media. The rest of his siblings, a brother and two sisters, keep out of the public eye.


She is passionate about the youth’s education

Mrs Ramphosa is involved in several non-profit organisations that aim to improve the lives of children and women.

She is a chairperson of African Self Help Trust (ASHA), an organisation that focuses on early childhood development. She also worked with Students Sponsorship Programme (patron), South African Civil Society for Women’s, Adolescents’ and Children’s Health (patron), and is a former board member of Kids Haven Foundation.

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