Maps On How He Gets #TotallyReady For Each Day!


Leading SA personality, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Maps Maponyane tells us how he balances his responsibilities and gets #TotallyReady.


Try to get a good night’s sleep, to ensure you’re fully functioning the next day. Sometimes I struggle to get enough hours of sleep, but when I do manage it, I can immediately feel the difference. I always try to get to bed early before a big gig.

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You always want to make sure that you look good. With anything I wear, everything has to be perfectly pressed or put in the right order, even when I’m still figuring out what to wear. If things are in the right order, and my entire wardrobe is pressed and ironed, I know I can’t go wrong.


I’m obsessed with smelling good. When you meet someone, having a fresh scent can really make a powerful impression. After an event, when the pics hit social media, I get compliments on how well I dress, but a lot of the time, I’m thinking, “If only you knew how good I smelt!” Make sure that you smell good holistically.


To get that holistic fresh scent, you need to brush with toothpaste, new Colgate Total 12, that provides holistic, all-mouth-health, so you’re #TotallyReady. Teeth are always a priority. If your teeth look good, you feel invincible. If your gums and cheeks are healthy, you’ll be happy, and with fresh breath, you’ll be super confident.


A good smile can get you through tough times, and also put your colleagues and your audience in a good mood. Look after your smile, and it will look after you!

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