Maps Maponyane shuts down Bunz Out indefinitely

maps maponyane

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has hit the world hard, SA included and as a result, many businesses have been negatively affected, including Maps Burger joint Bunz Out.

The media personality took to social media to announce that after his best efforts to keep his business running amid these tough times, he’s decided to close down the restaurant indefinitely.

“After trying to stretch out any kind of production including deliveries, in order to still keep our staff employed & customers happy, we’ve decided to indefinitely close Buns Out.” He said. “We don’t know how long it will be or if we’ll survive this period, but it’s the right thing to do…”


He also revealed that their number one priority as a business is to keep everyone safe and encouraged his followers to practice good hygiene.

“It’s tough as a new small business, but at the end of the day we need to keep everyone safe, & staying operating in any kind of way would completely go against this.

“Wash your hands often, stay safe & if in any way possible, Stay Home. Please be considerate & take care of each other.”

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