Lerato Sengadi wins court bid against HHP’s family, vows to erect rapper’s tombstone

HHP and Wife
File Picture, HHP and Lerato Sengadi

The Supreme Court of Appeal dismissed HHP’s family’s bid to overturn the High Court ruling that Lerato Sengadi should be legally recognised as HHP’s widow.

After having been officially declared the widow of the late rapper HHP (Jabulani Tsambo) by the Supreme Court of Appeal, media personality and influencer Lerato Sengadi has vowed to erect a tombstone to mark her late husband’s final resting place.

Over the last two years, Sengadi has been locked in a bitter court battle with Tsambo’s family who denounced her as their official daughter-in-law shortly after the rapper took his life in October 2018.


This is because Sengadi and Tsambo never had a white wedding nor did they sign any court papers declaring the marriage.

The did, however, perform a traditional lobola ceremony.

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During the protracted court battle, Tsambo’s family argued that the marriage should not legally be recognised because they had not completed the process of ukulobola as dictated by customary rites by the time their son died.

During this process, the family forbade Sengadi from attending the funeral and this saw her lodge an unsuccessful court bid  at the High Court to stop the funeral.

However, the court did rule that Sengadi should be legally recognised as HHP’s widow.

His family appealed this ruling at the Supreme Court and have now officially lost their bid.

Last November, both Sengadi and the family came under fire after a photo of HHP’s friends visiting his gravesite went viral.

Fans were saddened by the fact that the site was missing a tombstone and one fan even suggested a crowd-funding campaign to see that this gets done.

“No need to crowdfund. I can afford to erect a stone for my husband. If I was allowed to! In fact, I would have had it done on the same day as his funeral. But Ke…” said Sengadi in reference to the on-going court processes.

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In keeping with her promise, Sengadi has vowed to get the tombstone erected as soon as lockdown restrictions allow now that her legal woes are over.

This story first appeared here on the Citizen website.