Legendary Hollywood Actress, Lynn Whitfield Chats About Exploring SA & Typecasting In Hollywood!

Lynn Whitfield

Renowned Hollywood actress and multi-award winner Lynn Whitfield was in the country recently and we were one of the lucky few who got chat with the icon. Unlike most mega-stars, Lynn was very warm and answered each one of our questions in-depth, touching on her Netflix hit-series Greenleaf and film Nappily Ever After, type casting in Hollywood, exploring South Africa and her forthcoming book.

Are there any other roles you haven’t taken up yet that you’d love to play in the near future?

Yes, I’d love to do a romantic comedy with a handsome tall dark man about people of a certain age finding their way into a relationship. I’d like to do a ‘now’ version of Stella Got Her Groove Back, you know me with a younger man, something like that. I’d love to do Sci-Fi. I’d love to do action.

Lynn Whitfield

What happens is that Hollywood will continue to cast you in the same role over and over again and it’s up to you to make that role different because nobody wants to make a mistake so they hire because they know she can do that very well. You got to find a new twist and a new turn in that character.

Have You Been To South Africa Before?

This is my third time; I’ve spent some time in Johannesburg before. I took the blue train at the country side from Johannesburg to Cape Town. It’s so beautiful, I’m going to spend more time exploring the artistic resonance I sense going on here.

I’m going to shoot some things, meet some fashion designers. There’s a lot of rich cultural stuff going on here that I want to know more about because that keeps me youthful and inspired.

The rest of the interview will be available in our print magazine.

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