Lee Thompson – “I Still Believe In Love”

by Michael Sekhu
Lee Thompson

Despite his relationship with Gina not working out, Lee Thompson, still believes he made the right choice by choosing Gina. Speaking to us recently, the first ever Bachelor SA reflects on his relationship with Gina and what he’s learnt from his time on the show.

When asked if he believes he made the right decision by handing Gina his final rose, he didn’t hesitate to reveal he’d made the correct choice. “Yes, I believe I made the right decision. Gina is a wonderful Lady and she has so much love and kindness in her heart.” He says, “She is a beautiful Woman inside and out.”

The Bachelor SA

From all this overwhelming experience, Lee has learnt a lot about women. “I have learnt that women are emotional beings whose feelings need to be nurtured and taken care of. They need to speak things through instead of brushing issues aside as us guys tend to sometimes do,” he explains.

Lee insists that he still believes in love and knows there’s someone out there made for him. “I completely still believe in love. I’ve got so much love to give and I know there is someone out there who will love me right back when I give my heart to her,” he concluded.

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