Justin Geduld’s Food Diary

Justin Geduld

Ever wondered what it takes to become a professional rugby player? Besides the blood, sweat and tears on and off the field; it also takes dedication to what you put inside your body. After all, they say, “you are what you eat”. People Magazine ‘virtually’ spent a day with professional rugby player, Justin Geduld, and found out exactly what a professional sportsman eats and how he trains in a day.

Justin Geduld



What time do you have breakfast?

My daughter wakes up quite early so we’re all early birds, so breakfast is usually between 07h00- 08h00, once we’re all up and about, but my day would not be complete if I didn’t start it off with a nice strong cup of coffee.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Being a sportsman, I tend to be very conscious of what I eat, which is why my meals are usually really healthy. At the same time I need enough food to give me the nutrients and energy I need. With the amount of calories I burn during a session, I allow myself to enjoy what I want, when I want, so long as it is in moderation. For breakfast I enjoy muesli/ oats or the obvious scrambled eggs on toast tomato and if avocados are in season, I’ll definitely add some avo too. 

Why do you enjoy this meal?

It’s a good hearty meal, and gets me started for the day.

Why is it beneficial for you?

Besides needing fuel for my training sessions at home, my daughter keeps me extremely busy. So when I’m not training you’ll most definitely find me running around the house after her, or playing I need all the energy I can get haha.


I usually train mid-mornings so I might have a small snack like a banana before training or if I’m relaxing my go-to snack would be biltong and nuts.

Justin Geduld


During this day, how many times do you workout?

During the lockdown I workout at least once a day to ensure I maintain my fitness levels and keep as fit as I can. I have put in all the hard work until now, that I don’t want to let that go to waste by slacking because I am not longer based with the team. Dedication is key when it comes to maintaining focus and training every single day

What time is your workout?

I like to train mid-mornings around 11h00, for at least 1-2 hours, depending on how long it takes me to complete my fitness schedule and if that’s not possible, I will train late evening.

What does your exercise routine look like?

Some cardio to start off with and then some strength training.


30min treadmill and cycle intervals, 1min on 45sec off.


Bench press 6×4 superset with explosive push ups 10×4

Bent over row 6×4 superset with pull ups 10×4

Shoulder press 6×4 superset with supine pull ups 10×4

Add any core exercise with each superset

Justin GeduldLunch:

What time do you have lunch?

Between 13h00 and 14h00.

What do you usually eat for lunch?

I usually have a smaller lunch because I enjoy a larger dinner. My lunch usually consists of left-overs from the previous night or a light meal like a chicken or steak salad.

Why is it beneficial for you?

This meal usually replaces the nutrients lost during your training session.

Justin GeduldDinner:

What time do you have dinner?

We usually have dinner before Niyah goes to bed, so that we can have dinner as a family. This is usually around 18h30.

What do you eat for dinner?

I prefer home cooked meals, which usually includes steak or meat of some kind. We also always include vegetable options and a starch. I also enjoy a nice warm vegetable soup, filled with an abundance of nutrients.

Why is it beneficial for you?

Dinner is always a protein filled dinner, which is beneficial for me as a sportsman.

What is your favourite meal of the day?

Definitely dinner.

Justin Geduld

Who usually cooks in the house?

The lockdown has allowed for me to spend quality time with the family that I wouldn’t usually have when I am based with the team, so being able to cook together and enjoy family braais has been amazing.

What is your favourite cheat-meal?

KFC zinger wings.

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