Jenna On Lee Thompson – “He Took Me By Surprise At The Tell-All”

by Michael Sekhu
Lee Thompson

Jenna is one of the women on the Bachelor SA many had hoped would go all the way with Lee and possibly receive that last rose. Unfortunately, things didn’t go the way many had hoped – that was very clear when Lee and Gina announced that they had broken up shortly after the show. After the tell-all show, we briefly chatted to Jenna to find out if she’d consider giving it a shot with Lee and here’s what she had to say, also reflecting on her time on the show.

Lee Thompson

Lee revealed that you’re the one girl he wished he would’ve gotten to know more. Do you share the same sentiments?

Lee took me by surprise at the Women’s tell all. I never expected for him to say that he wished he had got to know me better. In saying that he gets to watch the show live with us and this shows me that he probably only had the opportunity to really get to know me and my heart through my narrations.

Lee Thompson

If the opportunity were to present itself, would u go out with him?
Unfortunately, time creates relationships and not much time was spent with Lee, hence the reason we made such great friendships in the mansion as the girls spent a lot of quality time together.

Lee Thompson

How did you find the experience on the show?
The show was not an easy journey for me because it goes against my character. I don’t believe in fighting for a man, I think that a man should pursue a woman’s heart.


Lee Thompson

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