Jam Of The Day: Rory Booth’s ‘Love So Crazy’

2017’s Keeping Up With The Kandasamys took the local box office by storm, raking in an incredible R16-million. Now, two years later, the sequel, Kandasamys: The Wedding, releases in cinemas around the country on April 19.

Following on from the first film, Prishen Naidoo is getting ready to propose to his neighbour and lover, Jodi Kandasamy. After she says yes, the preparations for what promises to be the wedding of the year begins…


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And whilst we can’t wait for the film itself, social media wires are being set alight by eager fans who just can’t get enough of Durban-based actor, dancer and singer Rory Booth’s original track from the movie, Love So Crazy. Which is why it’s Monday’s Jam Of The Day.

Check out the film’s official Facebook page here, and follow Rory on the links below.




Now it’s time to turn up the volume and enjoy!

Love So Crazy is available for download on iTunes and Google Play.