Imbewu actor Tony Kgoroge’s car has been repossessed

Instead of being ashamed or trying to cover up his financial woes, actor Tony Kgoroge admits he is facing difficulties and would like to use his situation to highlight the plight of actors in the country

Sunday World reported that Tony’s Mercedes Benz C300 was repossessed by Wesbank after he failed to honour the required payments. The paper also stated that a court application was apparently filed against him.

When the tabloid contacted the Imbewu actor about the situation, he admitted that he had no choice but to “sacrifice” his car.

“I can confirm that the car was repossessed by Wesbank. However, I am not aware about the new court application filed against me.”

Tony explained that he had to let the car go so he could pay for his home and his children’s school fees.

“My situation will show people that the struggle of the artist is real. Yes, I failed to pay for the car because I had to sacrifice it so that I could pay for my house and kid’s school fees,” he said.

The veteran actor added that people should not be fooled by Instagram life because it’s not a true reflection.

”I am not ashamed to stand up and say this. Forget my Instagram and my wife’s pages because this is what we face in real life. Broadcasters are repeating our shows and we are not getting paid for that,” he added.

Hope Winters – All4Women

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