ICYMI: Faf du Plessis meets the Queen and Prince Harry

Last Wednesday before the Cricket World Cup Opening Party, Proteas Captain Faf du Plessis together with the rest of the Cricket World Cup teams’ captains met Britain’s Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace.

Prince Harry meeting Aaron Finch

Prince Harry was in a great mood testing the mood of the players asking them if they were confident and who was the favourite. He said to Sri Lankan captain Dimuth Karunaratne “Enjoy it, if you’re not going to enjoy it you might as well not be here.” He also jokingly asked Australia’s captain Aaron Finch “You’re getting on a bit now, aren’t you? How long have you been playing?” Finch replied saying that he’d been playing for 8 years at the highest level. South African Captain Faf Du Plessis was wearing a South African scarf, so Harry, pointing to the crowds outside waiting in the rain for a palace garden party to start, teased him, sayin, “It’s not that cold out there.”


Prince Harry meeting Faf du Plessis

The queen looked at the captains gathered in the room and observed, “Interesting collection”, before apologising for the rain and asking them if they had played in England before. “Because you do do quite a bit of travelling all the time, don’t you?” she asked. The monarch then posed for a picture with the captains. “Are you coming out to the garden party?” she asked them all. “I hope you don’t get too wet. Try some tea.” Unfortunately all the captains needed to be elsewhere so had to leave after meeting the Queen and the Duke of Sussex.


The queen with the captains

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