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Help Siya Reach His Gospel Dream

By Temba Msiza: Siya is one of many talented people in South Africa. He is an aspiring gospel singer whose dream is to make an EP and become a gospel musician who will inspire young people.

Born and bred in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Siya did not have it easy growing up. He lost both his parents at a young age and now lives with his aunt in a hostel. The loss of his parents left him broken down and led him into severe depression and to gain weight from the trauma. He also suffers from being bow-legged and has caused Siya much pain and difficulty, resulting in him not being able to walk without the assistance.

We spoke to the talented artist and this is what he had to say:

What lesson did you learn from losing both your parents and having to face the world alone at a young age?

The lesson I learnt is that nothing is permanent in this world besides God and God is always there even when we don’t believe He is and He will help us through no matter what we face in this world.

How did you overcome the severe depression from losing both parents?

Initially I found comfort in food and began overeating, which contributed to the problems with my legs, which caused me even more depression. However, during this time God reconnected me to start listening Gospel music again, which really gave me hope and helped me overcome the really depressed times. During this same time my aunt, who I believe was God-sent, took me in and also started to help me lose weight by taking me for walks. We also joined DCC Church in Sydenham which has also been a great help to us.

What influenced your choosing gospel music as a career and why gospel in particular?

From a young age I had always had a passion and liking for Gospel music but as I was growing up I sort of drifted from listening to it but I always loved praise and worship type of music. I want to do this type of music because I believe that this gift to sing was given to me by God and therefore want to use it first for his Glory as well as to help and encourage others like how I was encouraged by listening to other’s Gospel music.

Why is it important for young people to follow their dreams and ambitions?

It’s important for them because God has given each of us gifts and we each have a purpose and if we all use our purposes correctly, we can make our country and this world a better place.

What makes you different from all the other gospel musicians?

I believe God has given each of us different gifts and while there are many Gospel musicians, I don’t believe there are any two alike that has the same exact life story and testimony. I believe that what makes me different is what I’ve been through and how God has brought me through it and this will come through in my music. I believe we each have a part to play and mine will also be to encourage young people, as there are not a lot of young people producing Gospel Music.

How and where can people see your work, social media links or YouTube?

I have just released my first single called Great Are You God which is now available on iTunes You can also connect with me on Facebook  and you can see a video of me performing this single live for the first which I did a couple of weeks ago at a Church function on YouTube via GMG Records.

How you can help:

Help Siya make this dream of recording an EP a reality by donating to his crowdfunding account set up on




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