Gareth Cliff On #PureConversations

gareth cliff

Gareth Cliff introduced what is said to be one of the most exciting radio offerings in recent times; a podcast giving icons and legends across industries the platform for 100% unfiltered, unscripted, and unedited conversations.
Hosted by the multi-talented Gareth Cliff who has successfully interviewed the best of the best

pure converstaipns

1. How did the #PureConversations concept come about?


The #PureConversations was born out of the need to have a platform for real conversations about the state of various industries. The most immediate one was the need to dissect the broadcasting industry after DJ Fresh was fired from Metro FM and comedian Trevor Gumbi tweeted and inspired the line-up of our first roundtable with the legendary gentlemen in broadcasting.

2. What makes #PureConversations unique?
It’s unfiltered, unscripted, and unedited conversations like you’ve never heard before. This series of podcasts gives the listener a glimpse into 100% pure chats with legends across the spectrum.

3. How often is #PureConversations aired and how can we tune in?
We are looking at hosting a #PureConversations special once a month. You can listen in on, the CliffCentral app or you can watch the live stream on YouTube.

pure conversations

4. You recently hosted Bonang Matheba, Unathi Nkayi, Kuli Roberts, & Masechaba Ndlovu on-air sharing exclusive insights into women in broadcasting. What attracted you to include these individuals?
Following our gentlemen roundtable of broadcasters, we looked at hosting the top female broadcasters too. We purposely chose women who represented their unique success, who had been through trial and tribulations which meant they had enriching stories to tell, but more importantly, who rose from those to continue raising the standard of excellence within media.

5. With 2 episodes being aired already. What is the biggest point/lesson you have taken from #PureConversations thus far?
The biggest point has been how critical it is to have a platform for conversations like this. This realisation makes us even more excited to continue with the series.

6. Unscripted, unedited and live – why is this so important to you as the host and your listeners?
This is important because the time is now to have these conversations. We need a place where you can share opinions and lessons, not just social media wars or bite-sized snippets on traditional broadcasting – and #PureConversations is it!

7. #PureConversations has already featured the likes of Dj Fresh, Tbo Touch, Dj Sbu, Robert Marawa. Who else can we expect in the future?
We’re looking at engaging with various individuals in other industries – ones with compelling stories to tell! Watch this space!!