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If there’s one thing DJ Zinhle has shown us, it’s that she’s not afraid to work hard at what she does. Being one of the few superstar DJs in the country, and juggling a crazy personal diary as a single mother of an adorable toddler, Zinhle knows how important it is to be a success and provide for your loved ones.

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She recently appeared on radio 702’s Bruce Whitfield’s Make Money Mondays, Personal Edition weekly feature, where she opened up about her attitude to money, and a few of her quotes certainly are sentiments to live by.

Here are a few of our favourites.


“Women are so apologetic about making money. We need to get to the point where we are like, ‘We want this big money’.”


“My mom hated it when people gave us money… She would force us to return it! It still affects me now…”


“When I was at UJ I worked at Makro promoting Vanish. I was terrible! I was so bad! I was very reserved; I was shy. I only sold to people who were buying the product anyway.”

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“I don’t spend money on my child. I spend money on the things she really needs… I’m not crazy about buying her clothes, or a lot of toys…”


“Family are always asking for money…”


“Expensive is a relative word… Half the stuff you see out there is not even true!”

Listen to the full interview here.


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