Fake Ano chats about his debut project – 24 EP


Blank Spaces artist, Fake Ano has just dropped his debut project 24 EP. The project is made up of seven tracks, including the Intro, Outro and an Interlude.

twenty four ep

The rapper describes his sound as modern rap fused with rock and museve (Zimbabwean Guitars). “They’re also a lot of heavy drums and bass”, he adds.


Content-wise, the EP delves into Ano’s early 20s leading up to now. From the rapper’s childhood in Zimbabwe to the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg and all other aspects of his life up until now. Fake Ano aims to be fully open about his life in his music.

24 ep

“I’m making African music that just has a different narrative, telling the truth, being open about who you are and where you’re from through music.”

Stream Fake Ano’s EP here and follow him on social media.

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