[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Majid Jordan

While they got ready for their performance at In the City JHB 2018 Majid Jordan chatted to us about their time in South Africa, their music and the future.

You were discovered on SoundCloud by music producer 40, who then introduced you to Drake; what are your thoughts on the platform and social media in general?
It’s a tool to connect with the world. Use it responsibly. Social media reach is worldwide and can be really powerful when used correctly.

You’ve also made a recent appearance on the popular Youtube show A Colors Show, which focuses on all the cool kids of music. What was your experience with that like?

It was great! We did it in the middle of tour. We didn’t really rehearse it we kind of just winged it. Their team was really great and it came out really well.

We’ll admit it – we’re big fans your music, and couldn’t help noticing how you keep re-inventing your sounds and musical styles. What inspires this constant experimentation?
Travelling and learning new things. Hearing new music invokes new sounds. The next album is going to be a progression from where we took it with The Space Between. We want to make an album that embodies all those other pieces of work.

Are there any artists you’d be keen on collaborating with?
There are definitely a lot of artists we want to work with and have been working with. We really want to collaborate with Black Coffee soon. That would be a dream come true.

Black Coffee To Host One Man Show At The Dome!

So you’ve now had a chance to see South Africa – have you ever been to the country before? Or any other African country for that matter? Or is this all new?
Never been to South Africa and never been to Africa. We met incredible people. We had the best time and can’t wait to come back.



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