EXCLUSIVE: Fit For The Queen!

SA jewellery designer Kevin G. Friedman of FrankliWild chatted with People Magazine’s Jen Su, on HM Queen Elizabeth II and his brooch, Baby Sussex, and more.

Jen: Hi Kevin! This is amazing news that you recently discovered HM Queen Elizabeth II wearing your brooch! Tell us more about when you designed it and about the inspiration behind the design, that you designed for the Botswana Parliament.


Kevin: Hey Jen- it was in 2008 I think, just after I designed the Ponaholo  diamond necklace (consisting of a 316.15 carat diamond mined in Limpopo worth the equivalent of R225m) . The brief was really open … they just said, ‘create a brooch that is representative of your perception of Botswana’, so I thought of cattle, wheat and mullet with diamonds, for my concept sketch.  Because I love the flow and movement of grains, I coloured it in and was told that (the Botswana) Parliament would have to vote on the submission.  The diamonds were all cut exactly in the shapes that I had drawn — which was such a huge compliment! They said it was a retirement gift for a politician’s wife.  I had totally forgotten about the brooch design, until this past weekend when I was browsing articles online! And as I was never told who it was for, and sworn to secrecy during the design process, you can imagine my incredible surprise!

I’m #freakingout I have just seen #myjewellery on @hm.queenelizabeth this was a commission from the #botswana government…

Posted by Kevin G Friedman on Friday, April 5, 2019

Jen: Absolutely ! Aside from HM the Queen — and possibly a future Baby Sussex (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby-to-be) wearing your creations, which other well-known personalities have been seen in your exquisite designs?

Kevin: Well, you know me Jen — I’m usually below the radar… my celebrity clients come from all over the world — from inspirational women such as Carolyn Steyn, Lerato Moloi, Nambitha Mpumlwana, and Peta Eggierth-Symes — to Hollywood celebrities such as Charlize Theron and some others I’ll need to keep private.

Jen: Just imagine if one day, you could have the opportunity to meet Her Majesty in person. What would you say to HM, if you were granted an audience ?

Kevin:  If I were ever granted this rare opportunity,  I would express my joy at seeing her wearing one of my creations! I would detail my great admiration for Her Majesty — and deep gratitude that she has selected one of my creations with pride. Certainly I will be more than happy to design more jewellery for Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family!

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