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This is our special mini-mag No.4 and like the others it’s filled with some fabulous content for you to enjoy.

Most of us missed Mother’s Day this year due to lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you
can’t get your mom some fabulous goodies when things go back to ‘normal’. She deserves to be spoilt any time of the year, so go through our top product picks and chose a few.

If you’re looking to spoil yourself too, there’s no better thing to do it with than Netflix. I’ve never been a big TV person as I’m normally working, but recently of course I’ve had the chance to become addicted. How did I ever survive before?


Netflix Original ‘Blood & Water’ Hits Screens Worldwide

I’ve just finished two series – The Affair and Peaky Blinders – and I just couldn’t get enough of either one! The only downside is reaching the last episode of the season; then boom, it’s over, but you’re hungry for more!

Well, while I wait, Blood & Water is the next show on my to-watch list, and you can look forward to May 20 for that one. What makes it extra special is that it was filmed in locations across the Western Cape. It’s Netflix’s second African original series, and it’s set to keep us glued to our TV screens. After watching the trailer, I just know we’re in for a roller coaster ride of drama and suspense set within a girls private school, where Puleng (played by Ama Qamata) uncovers the truth about her sister, who was abducted at

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