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Too cool for school! Shekhinah Donnell’s laid-back style

Shekhinah has one of the most recognised voices in South Africa. The former Idols SA contestant has proven she is a force to reckon with in the music industry.

Her unique style also gets her a lot of attention. Shekhinah is not a designer label junkie like most celebrities. While she does try out some of the latest fashion trends, she likes to keep her wardrobe casual and cool.

Here’s a look at some of her best laid-back looks:

Socks and platform shoes 

Only Shekhinah could pull off wearing platform shoes and long socks!

The platinum-selling singer completed her look with a floral print dress and denim jacket.

Combat princess

You will rarely see Shekhinah in heels, but you can bet your last coin that she will either be wearing sneakers or combat boots.

The Back to the Beach hitmaker usually pairs her boots with leggings and a stylish hat.

Newsish ?!💋💋💋

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T-shirt dress

One of Shekhnah’s wardrobe staples is a T-shirt dress.

She usually completes the look with a long coat or open shirt.

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Trendy moon bag

Moon bags made a big comeback in 2017 and the trend continued into 2018.

The pouch, which is worn around the waist, is perfect for a woman like Shekhinah who isn’t a big fan of carrying a chic handbag.

It’s going down at WITS!! Come through to the @nedbank Tent.

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Funky shades

We have already established that Shekhinah’s must-have fashion items are combat boots or sneakers, T-shirt dresses, leggings or stockings, and hats.

But there’s one more thing that completes her laid-back wardrobe – sunglasses. Shekhinah loves funky shades in weird designs and bright colours.


My new favourite place @sunglasshut 😭🔥#sunglasshutsa

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