Catching Up With Malumz On Decks!

by Michael Sekhu
The Journey

Malumz On Decks is a lively House music DJ duo taking the music industry by a storm! They burst into the South African house music scene with the release of their debut album, The Journey, which went onto sell close to 10k copies in a space of four months – which is great considering the current state of the music scene.


We recently caught up with the superstars to chat about their new album, record label, touring overseas and so much more.

How did you come up with your stage name?

While sitting in the car, we were discussing how people were starting to like us at the time and what were we going to call ourselves? Mandla was like, “Malumz, that means we have a problem”. It was then that we realised we‘re always referring ourselves and to people as Malumz, so why don’t we just call ourselves Malumz on Decks? The name resonated with our supporters.

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the rhythm #FindYourWay

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When do you guys plan to put out a new album?

Hopefully the end of this month or the beginning of May

Who you are guys listening to at the moment?

Listening to a lot of home-grown indigenous sounds, we’re impressed with a lot of the local music and talent.

What advice do you have for upcoming artists out there who want to break into the scene?

Persistence, passion and to never give up on your dreams, the door will be shut, people won’t listen to your music, things won’t always go your way, but if stay persistent and passionate.

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Please share with us your plans for 2019

We plan to release our sophomore and hopefully tour overseas. Our company will be hosting a big music summit in June 2019, bringing together the music industry under one roof. Then we are going concentrate on releasing new talent from our own label, we have signed a bright new star by the name Hadassah, look out for her.

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We’ve also opened up a new Shisanyama in Kempton Park and we plan to make it the new home of entertainment in the east rand

Any last words?

Thank you for the support and opportunities we have been blessed with, please keep supporting Malumz On Decks and local talent!

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on the move #Inhliziyo

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