Catching Up With Isithembiso’s Zamani Mbatha

Having won South Africans hearts with his character on Isithembiso, Zamani Mbatha’s star keeps rising. We caught up with the actor and found out that there is more to him than meets the eye.

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What do you think separated you from all the other people who auditioned for the character you play on Isithembiso?


I had potential, I think to others it might have been the usual in and out audition, but for me it was a ‘go big or home’. I had to give it my all. My life was on the line at that time, if I didn’t take that naked chance, that it would be “HAMBAKHAYA” boy. I mean there are a lot of brilliant young and talented actors out there. So I thank God that he chose me out of all the other people out there.


Did you expect the love that you are getting from viewers?

Not at all, I didn’t expect all the love I’m getting, but I guess hard work does pay off. I highly appreciate it. More than anyone can imagine.

How did this change your life?

It actually showed me that achievements in life are brought by hard work and PRAYER, accepting your failures, and looking at it as if you not failing but are learning.

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What is the one thing that you used to do all the time that you can’t do now that you are on TV?

Playing soccer, basically having time for soccer.

What similarities do you share with Zamani (the character)?

Same location, slightly the same persona. I don’t think we have so many things in common, he’s a really fun and strong character to portray.



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