Catching Up With Felix Jaehn [Exclusive]

Felix Jaehn

We recently caught up with internationally renowned producer Felix Jaehn who was in South Africa last month. He shared his thoughts about the South African music scene, Black Coffee and future plans!

Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with here on the African continent?

For sure, Kyle Watson and Black Coffee are the first that come to my mind. Kyle Watson did a remix before for my song “Hot2Touch” but it would be super interesting to work on an original track together.


What are your thoughts on the house and dance music scene over here?

Well, naming those two artists.. amazing! Especially Kyle Watson and Black Coffe, they have a super cool sound. I really love it and I hope to be back soon.

When can we expect new music from you?

I just released a new single called Never Alone together with my brother Mesto featuring VCATION. And there is new music coming this year. There is a remix coming soon, hopefully, another collab as well, I have an album lined up for next year. So, there will be many, many singles coming and I’m already back in the studio again working on more.

Please share some of your other plans for the future.

I’m moving to Berlin. That is a big plan for me personally. I still live in the countryside right now but I’m ready for the capital. But mainly, I want to take the winter to be creative. I don’t have any shows planned at the moment. I’m just in the studio. I’m letting creativity flow and come up with new sounds, new concepts, new lyrics and then I’m already hyped for next summer though because that is when I’m fully going to be back into touring.

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