NO! Another AKA/Bonang Break-Up?

bonang and aka

Bonang Matheba and AKA


Earlier this year, social media was set alight with the news that celeb power couple AKA and Bonang Matheba had broken up, only to have the flames doused with the news that the entire story was a public relations stunt – not particularly funny, given how many fans to the two collectively have.


 Bonang Matheba and AKA

And now, we’re not quite sure if history is repeating itself, because this morning, Friday December 29, AKA tweeted that he and Bonang Matheba had decided to call it quits and wished her well.

AKA Hits Back At Cocaine Accusations!

The night before, AKA had hinted that he was ready to make a big announcement, keeping fans glued to their phone screens.

Bonang Snapped With AKA’s Mom For The 1st Time!

Now we really hope the two are either pulling another publicity stunt, or at least are able to make up – we hate love stories that go wrong, particularly in a case like this. Everyone needs a love to kiss at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve! Oh, and AKA, don’t forget the story of the boy who called wolf…

For her part, Queen B tweeted this cryptic message:


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