Boity’s Best Holiday Looks!

by Monde Mtyolo

Media personality Boity has been such a busy woman lately having recently launched a music career on top of having her fingers in many entrepreneurial pies. An island getaway was just what the beauty needed to refresh and reflect before festive season bookings started pouring in.

On her Instagram, Boity labelled the beautiful island destination “Paradise” and we deduce it could be Mauritius since we had a glimpse of what looked like the Coin de Mire in the background in one of her images.

Apart from the mystery of it all, her Instagram gave us next level FOMO and the looks she served had us living. We just want her to come back home now, it’s been a lot. Boity was clearly armed for this trip: from her choice of fashion to that banging beach body, she had us lapping it all up.

We take a look at some of our favourite looks from the holiday (we are inclined to believe that it’s indeed a baecation  and if not, it should have been).

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