Boity Gets Candid About Using Snuff

TV personality Boity Thulo is gatvol of the awkward stares she gets for using snuff in public and has made it clear that fans need to get over it now.

Boity first opened up about her habit of using smokeless tobacco during an interview on WTF Tumi with Tumi Morake last year.

It is not clear if the habit is linked to her ancestral calling and her journey to becoming a sangoma which she heeded in 2016.


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Taking to Twitter earlier this week, Boity said that it’s time for people to stop looking at her weirdly when she rolls up in public.

“Peeps are gonna have to get used to seeing me take snuff in public, hey. The stares are wild,” she said.

Boity went on to answer fans’ questions about the habit.

Ever since Boity revealed that she decided to undergo training on social media, she’s had to face a fair share of criticism.

Earlier this year she was spitting fire after being criticised for her calling, and said that she would not tolerate it being reduced to something evil.
“Stop trying to send me to get reprimanded by white Jesus who claims the people who birthed my family are demons,” she said on Twitter.

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