All you need to know about cricket!

by Brenda Taylor

So ladies, your men are hogging the TV and watching the cricket world cup most evenings and weekends and you have to sit and watch with him, but you have no clue what is going on and don’t understand the game of cricket. Don’t worry, we are here to help you get to know the game of cricket a little better so that you too can enjoy it.

kagiso rabada

So this cricket world cup is for the 50-over format of the game (there are 3 different formats of the game). A 50 over game is a 1 day game in which each side bats for 50 overs each. The side batting 1st has to score as many runs as they can in their 50 overs. The side batting 2nd then has to chase down those runs and score at least 1 more run to win the game. The team that is bowling at the team batting is aiming to get the opposition batsmen out and stop them from scoring.

Two batsmen are at the crease batting together until one batsman goes out and then another batsman replaces him. The batsmen score runs by hitting the ball into spaces between the fielders and running to the other side. 4 runs are scored when the batsman hits the ball along the ground or with a few bounces over the boundary rope. 6 runs are scored when the batsman hits the ball hard and high and it flies over the boundary rope. If you happen to be sitting in the crowd when that happens you better make sure your man can catch and prevent you from being hit by the ball.

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The different ways that the bowlers can get the batsmen out are either by bowling them out (where the batsman misses the ball and the ball hits the 3 wooden stumps), getting them caught out by a fielder, getting them out LBW (where the ball hits the batsman’s pad directly in front of the 3 wooden stumps), getting the batman out stumped (where the wicketkeeper behind the 3 wooden stumps catches the ball and takes the bails off the stumps with his gloves and the batsman is out of his crease) or the batsmen are runout (a fielder throws the ball at the stumps and hits the stumps while the batsmen are still running).

an umpire giving a batsman out

The officials in charge of a match are called umpires (the 2 men on the field wearing black pants and white shirts). They have a whole array of signals to indicate the decisions they make during the course of a match. The 3 basic umpire signals that you need to know are:

  • When the umpire has his arm raised with his index finger pointing towards the batsman it means that the umpire is giving the batsman out and they have to leave the field.
  • When the umpire sweeps his right hand and arm across the body he is signalling that the batsman has scored 4 runs hitting the ball all the way to the boundary rope with the ball bouncing on its way to the boundary.
  • When the umpire has both arms held above his head and his index fingers outstretched it means that the batman has hit a 6! The ball has been hit over the boundary rope without the ball bouncing. The crowd usually goes crazy applauding this feat. As they do when the batsmen hit 4’s and when the bowlers get the batsmen out.

faf du plessis


A team consists of 11 players. The makeup of a team is a fine balance between specialist batsmen and specialist bowlers and 1 specialist wicketkeeper. All the players have to be able to bat to a certain extent as all the players might be called upon to bat sometime during their teams’ innings (an innings is 1 teams 50-over batting period). Not all the players need to be able to bowl though as usually on average 6 bowlers are used during an innings. All the players do need to be able to field well though to help the bowlers take the wickets. The fielders are spread all over the field in strategic positions to either take catches or prevent runs from being scored. The captain and the bowler positions the fielders where they want them according to a plan they have to either stop runs or to get a batsman out.

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Cricket is filled with so many details and twists and turns and enthralling battles. Keep watching the game and you will definitely learn more out the game and enjoy it.

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