Abby Lee Miller On Dance Moms + Life Lessons [EXCLUSIVE]

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The last couple of years haven’t been easy for Dance Moms Star, Abby Lee Miller. The 52-year-old has faced time in prison and spent most of 2018 relearning how to walk after being diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphonia. Despite her setback, Abby has proven to be a fighter and isn’t ready to hang up her dancing she shoes just yet. This new season sees her return as host and getting back her life while doing what she loves, which is teaching students how to dance. Here she chats to us about standouts moments from this season, her love for children and dealing with different personalities.

What can viewers expect from this new season and what were some of your standout moments from the new season?


Much better dancing! A lot of dancing! A male dancer joining the team! I think they have edited me to show my funnier moments and my much more sarcastic side in this season’s show!

What do you love the most about being on Dance Moms for all these years?

How the competition dance community has grown. How many more children take dance lessons now after watching Dance Moms on TV! I think every dance teacher in the country should thank me because I say what they want to say but could never dream of saying to a client!

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 What is one thing most people would be surprised to find out about you?

That I am extremely funny and I actually know what I’m doing. And that children flock to me. Complete strangers come up and hug me in the airport. I don’t think tweens and teens like to hug their own parents let alone a stranger. Lol, yet they approach me and ask if they can have a hug! I think kids get me, they understand that I only want what’s best for them.

Every child is different, how have do you deal with all the different personalities you come across on the show?

People always asked me how I’ve changed and I don’t think that your genetic makeup can change – situations change, your bank account changes and dance is an ever-changing art form. Different kids require different approaches I can speak softly to some using very advanced technical terminology and others I have to scream across the room over and over until the copper hand.

How is season eight different from all the previous seasons?

I feel like the season is different because the kids came in having watched the show on television so they know what they signed up for and they are eager to prove themselves to be amazing dancers. As for the moms, some own dance studios, some teach dance, some are former dancers – I feel like they all came to learn my tricks of the trade to take back to their own studios!

Catch Dance Moms, Mondays at 19h55 on Lifetime, DStv 131.

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