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AKA Hits Back At Cocaine Accusations!

bonang and aka

AKA and his GF Bonang Matheba showed off their dance moves during a trip to Paris, but it was something on a nearby table that caught viewers’ attention.

Twitter users shared a screenshot of the video that allegedly showed three rows of cocaine lined up.


The screenshot was shared numerous times, with many users convinced that Queen B and AKA were on drugs, and it didn’t help that Bonang’s ex, DJ Euphonik, has insinuated in the past that she took drugs.

“Let me take drugs. Cry wolf. Accuse and lie about some people. Believe my own lies. Wreck some homes, take more drugs then write a book,” he tweeted after Bonang released her book, From A to B.

Many believed he was referring to Bonang, who, in her book, addressed the abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex.

AKA’s nemeses Cassper Nyovest accused him of being a “druggie” on his 2015 diss track, Dust2Dust.

“Every time you tweet something and delete I forgive you ’cause I know it’s not you it’s the cocaine,” he rapped.

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So it is easy to see why Twitter users were quick to jump to conclusions without further scrutiny.

A closer look of the image, however, revealed that it was a remote control on the table and not drugs.


 AKA hit back at the drug accusations.

“Y’all photo shopping now too? Man. This s*** is wild. Aight then,” he tweeted.

He also slammed people for trying to destroy the couple’s reputation.

“Clearly the Devil got you,” he tweeted.


Despite AKA’s denials, and screenshots showing that there were no drugs on the table, many social media users are still convinced otherwise.

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