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Getting To Know Win A Home Host Danilo Acquisto

Danilo Acquisto

The fifth season of the interior design reality show Win a Home continues to be as popular as ever. It all comes to a conclusion during the exciting Grand Finale that will be broadcast on Thursday 13 December at 19h30 on SABC3.


This season saw Danilo Acquisto return to his position as host of the show where he, alongside co-host Thabiso Makhubela, joined the design duos as they embarked on a transformation of a lifetime. We sat to chat with the star.

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I became financially independent at 18. It was such a liberating time and I pretty much blew my first few months of income just to taste the freedom. I was always told that saving/investing was important but it all seemed so over complicated and I was loving the freedom. It was only when I had a job scare that I began to realise that life happens and we can get caught off guard and without having faith and some kind of savings, life can turn sour pretty quickly. I’m so grateful that I started the investment journey and now I look back at the money I had invested little by little and it gives me such peace to know that no matter what happens at work, I have money set aside in investments that would look after me if I ever find myself in a crisis. But to be honest, the whole investing thing still intimidates me – it’s such a complicated industry and one bad move can make you lose everything – I still don’t fully understand how it all works. So when I was invited I started playing with #Fedgroup’s app to teach myself the foundations – investing is not like a straight forward bank account – you’re actually buying things which are being used to make more money and by buying the thing, I share in the profits. The #fedgroup app is the simplest way to go to the root of investing and I’m excited to see that the products you’re investing in are sustainable and future focussed – so go buy a R300 blueberry bush like I did and see how investing works. Or are you the type that would buy a solar panel or bee hive? Let me know what you could get inspired by and also tell me if you save and invest – I’ll hold you accountable 😉 #ImpactFarming

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 Why do you think a show like ‘Win A Home’ is so entertaining to watch?

I think it’s the sheer awe of the design inspiration and the personalities of the design duos. Some watch solely to inspire their own design ideas and some for the drama of the duos and the journey they go through.

What drew you to host a show like ‘Win A Home’?

What could be more rewarding then handing over a set of keys to someone who truly deserves them? The joy that I get to change a life in an instant was part of it but also because I am a huge advocate of creative expression as an entrepreneurial vehicle for the youth, this show lets me get a glimpse into the immense talent and drive that comes from the South African creative industry. It’s inspiring!

What, in your opinion, do the design duos battle with the most when starting the design process?

Their biggest challenge from my perspective has to be their time, budget and creative management. Keeping their ideas on trend, on time and for the right price is a tough balance to strike especially when resources are tight and you have cameras following you everywhere. It’s not as simple as a design show – the pressure is enormous!

If you were to design an apartment of your own on the show, what approach would you take to the overall theme of the apartment?

I am a hoarder by nature. I would create simple living spaces that are customisable and feel warm. Minimalism mixed with afro-chic would be my aesthetic I think – imagine lots of natural colours, plants, raw metals, African prints and hints of colour with clever mechanisms and lots of space to breathe.

The show is live every Thursday night and live TV is something you’ve become used to. What do you love the most about live television?

It’s the most challenging way to produce TV and I absolutely love a challenge. It is raw, fast paced, natural and you don’t have to wait around and do the same thing from multiple angles over and over again – I am a get in, get out kinda guy when it comes to TV. I grew up on and was trained in live TV – there is just something so magical about that count down and the red light coming on – it’s such an intimate and adrenaline seeking way of doing content.

As the ‘Win A Home’ finale draws near, what can fans expect from you in 2019?

I am heavily focussed on my YouTube Specialist company – Special Effects Media. I will still remain on radio but I am not going to jump back into TV (until the next season of Win A Home) which is sad in some aspects because it has been such an integral part of my journey but also exciting as I take the next step towards new media, entrepreneurship and adulting to the extreme. I will always love broadcast so let’s see what happens.

Over the past 11 weeks,  the Win a Home design duos, Rekopile Belebesi and Koketso Marole (team R&K), Kehumile Mate and Nicholas Smit (team Contrast Control) and Melissa Oosthuizen and Sinead Turner (team Perma Peeps), have transformed three white-box penthouse apartments at Balwin Properties’ Paardevlei Lifestyle Estate in Somerset West into spectacular designer homes fitted with the latest connected appliances from Samsung, in the show’s fifth season.

The big winner is the lucky viewer who, from the six finalists randomly drawn, will win their choice of one of the three penthouse apartments, as decorated by the design duos, at Balwin Properties’ Paardevlei Lifestyle Estate. It’s a prize valued at over R3 million, which makes it the largest prize on South African television. Win a Home is truly a show that changes lives forever.

Win a Home, proudly brought to you by Capitec Bank and Private Property, airs every Thursday at 19:30 on SABC 3.



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