5 Fun Facts On NXT LVL Winner Zethe Mdletshe

 Zethe Mdletshe 

Congratulations to the newly crowned winner of the first season of Vodacom NXT LVL reality TV competition! The 24-year-old Afro-soul jazz musician Zethe Mdletshe was victorious last night as she walked away with R1-million prize money. She was competing against five talented hopefuls who were judged and mentored by some of the most established local musicians.

 Zethe Mdletshe 

She shares five interesting facts about herself with us:

  1. As bubbly as I am, I’m very awkward and shy with one-on-one conversations.
  2. I studied music and teaching… I’ve been teaching little kids music.
  3. I’m very big on fitness. I run and workout often.

  1. I never get nervous during performances.
  2. I can’t scream to save my life. My voice range doesn’t let me. (So weird!)

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Catch up with her on social media:

Twitter: @zethe_m

Instagram: @zethe_m