5 Fun Facts About Dr Fatima Bhabha

As a co-founder of Beauty & Curves – a women’s wellness, travel clinic, and aesthetics – Dr. Fatima Bhabha has been a thought leader in the beauty industry for almost 10 years. Dispelling aesthetic myths, one patient at a time, with an inherent passion for sharing factual information, it is her passion and objective to help both men and women make informed choices for their skin and beauty needs.

dr fatima bhabha

“It is very important for me to promote honest, straight-forward information about the field of medical aesthetics and women’s issues.” She says. “The vast amount of information available on the internet does not necessarily mean people are well-versed. So much of it is not factual and can lead to patients making uninformed decisions that can be detrimental to their health.”


dr fatima

Below are five interesting facts about Dr Fatima.

1. Fatima has green fingers! She loves to garden and tending to it is a peaceful and meditating moment for her.

2. She loves fashion and has been attending various fashion weeks for years as well as even supporting up n coming designers.

3. She gets an adrenaline rush from extreme sports such as sky diving and bungee jumping. She’s also an avid swimmer based on her love for the water.

4. Her kids mean so much to her as they are her literal miracle babies. As a cancer survivor, she was told she had little to no chance of bearing kids due to the chemotherapy. So having her sons is a true gift.

dr fatima bhabhla

5. She adores her husband who her world revolves around. He’s been her greatest fan and supporter as well as the family anchor.

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