13 Fun Facts About The Queen’s Thabang Molaba

By Temba Msiza: Free State born model-turned-actor Thabang Molaba has been blessing our eyes on the small screen for a while now. He plays ‘Gift’ on much loved local telenovela The Queen and has twitter blowing up a storm every time he appears (which hardly surprises us). He shares some very interesting facts about himself that will have your jaw to the floor. Check it out for yourself…

  1. I love food with everything I have in me. Food is special. Food is good for me.
  2. As a contradiction to my first point, I absolutely love working out as well! I always try and make sure I don’t miss a day without going to the gym.
  3. I enjoy being alone especially indoors, it’s just so peaceful. I’m extremely in touch with my solitude.
  4. I have a passport but I’ve never ever been outside of South Africa, not even Lesotho… Imagine?! Can someone please take me out? 🙁
  5. I enjoy an indoor chilling session with food, friends, and movies… Sort of like a game night rather than going out. I can do that any day.
  6. I am a lover of clothes and dressing well. I’d use the term ‘fashion’ but some of the trends in fashion as a whole, I don’t understand. I’d actually love to style people or campaigns at some point in my life. But acting as a craft, will always come first.
  7. I get most of my traits from my mother, that woman is AMAZING! Her compassion, understanding, love and kindness towards people are just extremely stupendous to me.
  8. I was born in Bethlehem and bred in Harrismith, both are small towns and both are in the Free State. I am a Free State baby.
  9. I’m a lover of fast cars. I honestly value the engineering and aesthetic features they possess. Fast cars are FUN!
  10. I am a spiritual being I’m human existence, I am constantly on a journey for consciousness and truth, a journey of freedom.
  11. I value self-love more than anything. I mean truly, truly loving you as a person is one thing that each and every one of us needs. That way you can be open towards others loving you and you loving them in turn. Practice self-love people.
  12. I am a Logistics and Supply Chain graduate.
  13. I am good at soccer and rugby. I grew up playing those two sports. I actually miss being on the field, especially the rugby one.

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