Lee Scott Shows Off His New Body

by El Broide

If you’ve been following Kliphard presenter Lee Scott on Instagram over the past few months, you would have noticed that he has been sharing some insights into his new gym routine. The star has put a lot of focus into his physical health and in a recent post, the star shows off his incredible new look.

Naturally, the star is proud of the hard work he has put in the gym and hopes to inspire his fans and followers to live a healthy lifestyle as well. “Im not one to post photos like this (not the best photo ???) and I will most probably regret it later and remove it BUT 4 months ago I made a conscious decision to live a healthier life by removing sugar and carbs out of my “diet”. I have never felt more healthier and fitter than now,” Lee says.

He adds “Do you want to feel and look healthier? Well, the most important step is to decide wether you want to do it for someone else or for yourself?! I made this lifestyle change for MYSELF and I’m not regretting it what so ever. Do I have the best most healthiest body? No but I’m slowly but surely getting there.”

Well, if we haven’t had the motivation to go and get our summer bodies ready, we do now!

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