Lee-Anne van Renen On Being The First To Exit Survivor SA: Island Of Secrets

The first dramatic episode of the brand new season of Survivor South Africa, dubbed Island of Secrets, premiered last week where viewers were introduced to three new tribes, ‘Ta’alo, Sa’ula and Laumei’, and 21 new castaways who are on a quest to be crowned this season’s sole survivor.

The show’s first episode came with a massive twist as Sa’ula, a band of powerhouse warrior-types, lost this week’s immunity challenge – sending them straight to tribal council.

With Nicole, Steffi, Rob and Nathan forming a friendship and alliance, calling themselves the “Amigos” and teaming up with Paul after his return from the Island of Secrets, Seipei and Lee-Anne found themselves on the chopping block. However, the Amigos were clearly undecided on who to give the boot when a debate ensued during tribal council.


However, Lee-Anne van Renen found herself as the first evictee of the season and we caught up with her shortly after she got the boot.

It’s never easy being the first one voted out. Why do you think the tribe chose you as the first to go home?

The tribe chose me as first to go home because they saw me as a threat who could not be trusted. That scared them.

How do you think you could have changed your strategy to stay in the game longer?

I think by not focusing so heavily on my social game, and by being more aggressive with trying to connect with the other tribe members. That let me down the most.

You said that the tribe made a huge mistake voting you out so quickly. What do you think you could have contributed to the tribe should you have stayed longer?

I could help with winning more physical challenges to avoid tribal council. I’m also a great swimmer. We saw how easy it was to be so over confident and still lose and I think the tribe could have benefited from what I brought to the table.

What was your favourite part about your short and sweet Survivor South Africa experience?

My favourite part of the show was traveling half way across the world, meeting the castaways and so many other interesting people and being on the amazing set. It’s an experience I will never forget.

The first few days are known to be the toughest. What was the best and worst part of your Survivor process?

The best part would have to be the moment that you realize that you were chosen out of thousands to be there. I felt truly privileged and grateful. The worst part would have to be being voted out first. I feel like I had so much more to offer.

Who do you think has the potential to be crowned this season’s sole survivor?

I think it would have to be Rob, Nicole or Steffi. I believe they have what it takes to win mentally and physically and I wish them the best of luck.

Catch Survivor SA: Island Of Secrets, Thursdays at 19h00 on M-Net.