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Kim Kardashian hits the streets in Yeezy AGAIN!

We all remember when Kim Kardashian earlier this year made waves showcasing Yeezy on the streets by having friends like Paris Hilton step out in Yeezy instead of having a fashion show. Different right? Trust Kanye West to come up with something like this. He is now taking risks from  fashion to political views and some haven’t been fun to watch but this, he got right!Now they did it again, showing off Yeezy new collection with the help from sister Kylie Jenner. Lets have a look at the looks she breaking the internet with:

The two sisters were snapped on the street wearing almost identical looks with both adding their own flair and personal style to the looks. Kylie paired her look with a blue body purse which is a huge trend right now and Kim had a military feel to her look.Solo, Kim K sported a  this grey and silver combo. We are guessing this look was inspired by space? The only thing we want to steal is the bomber  jacket! Pair it with a pair of skinny jeans, polo neck and some killer heels! And we will be posting 4/5 times like Kim K.Next look was Kim in an all blue combo which is something we’ve seen before so not much to say but we still think this look is incredibly hottt!!!She was then spotted in a red look, tight top and cycling shorts. Spandex are a girls best friend ladies, not only do they highlight your curves but they suck everything you don’t want to be seen. We take it as a do it yourself ‘plastic surgery’. In another picture, she was photographed alone again in a power orange look. We know people will think we are crazy but we actually love this look. People tend to take fashion so seriously so its always fun to see edgy and unique looks.So now let’s talk about the clothes: The pieces are pretty much what we’ve seen before, spandex galore and deconstructed pieces. However we do spot a bit of colour which is rarely seen in Yeezy’s collection. We love the oranges and blue hues, they’re so vibrant and rich! you know what we’ve noticed about Kanye? He will either keep quiet for years or do the same thing for a while, and then, BOOM! hits us with something outrageous or unexpected. He knows how to keep us on our toes!

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