WATCH: SHOCKER! Khanyi airs her liposuction! | People Magazine

WATCH: SHOCKER! Khanyi airs her liposuction!


On the most recent episode of her lifestyle and entertainment show, The Scoop, Khanyi Mbau
took us into the operating theater for her latest cosmetic procedure.


Khanyi revealed to Tshisa Live that she had undergone a number of treatments to the value of R95 000. She described them as an ‘investment’.

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“It’s an investment. I always say that the body is something that you use for everything. So why not reward yourself for that? Why are we working hard then? As much as it is about securing a future for our children, one needs to reward themselves. So instead of buying expensive shoes, I’d much rather spend that money on my body, because that is my greatest accessory.”

She promised that her fans would be able to take a closer look into the process behind her latest body goals. On Wednesday night, The Scoop shared a special feature, which saw Khanyi undergo a number of nips and tucks.

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Initially, Khanyi wanted a liposuction that would then be injected into her buttocks, but doctors advised that this wouldn’t be feasible.
Khanyi Mbau
Instead, Khanyi opted for the liposuction and added a breast augmentation to her package.

For those who missed the episode, it has now been uploaded to YouTube.

You literally have to see it to believe it:

WARNING: Video contains graphic content

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