Khanya Mkangisa On Her Friendship With Boity

We love seeing our local celebs stand up for each other and develop true friendships in what can only be described as a cut-throat industry and one of our BFF goals is the relationship Khanya Mkangisa and Boity share. The two continue to support each other and be there for each other no matter how difficult the industry gets and in a recent interview on SABC 3’s Trending SA, Khanya shares gives viewers some insight into her friendship with the star.

“When we started being friends, for the most part, we met at an audition, so we’ve always been competing with each other like that, but not as friends, so I feel like that’s when our friendship developed and we were like: “Well we like each other, you’re cute, we cute, we have chemistry beyond the industry,” Khanya says.

The star adds that she and Boity became friends in an audition line for a project with required them to act as best friends. So, the two decided to audition together and the chemistry was instant. “And the first job she booked in the industry, I always say it was because of me…we were both in an audition line, and they were like; “We just need best friends, there’s no script, just go in together, so I grabbed her…and we improvised and got the job, so we were on set together, it was our first acting job, we killed it and from then on, it kind of established the grounds of our relationship,” Khanya adds.


But, like most friendships, Khanya and Boity have had a fallout or two over their long friendship. “Her and I fight a lot, she’s an only child, I’m an only child, so you can imagine, and we’re very similar, even though we’re very different we’re very similar, so we fight a lot. So it’s not to say that everything is hunky dory I’d be like: “Girl bye,” Khanya says.

These two are total BFF goals!