Kesha’s Court Day Postponed


Kesha’s day in court was postponed due to weather, say reports.


The singer will have to wait a little longer for her day in court thanks to America’s weather issues.

The Tik Tok star was hoping to learn if her bid to rip up a Sony contract with hitmaker Dr. Luke was successful recently, leaving her free to record new music with a new label, but the case has been postponed.


The court date is now scheduled for February 19, 2016 due to ‘travel problems with the weather’, she explained on social media.

Fans were expected to gather outside the New York State Supreme Courthouse on Tuesday January 26 as part of the #FreeKesha movement.

Prior to the date change, Kesha, who has accused producer Dr. Luke of alleged sexual abuse, among other charges, posted a video on Instagram, during which she sang Amazing Grace after telling fans, “I can’t put out new music but I can sing a little of someone else’s songs or something that exists.”

She also told fans she had been suffering sleepless nights ahead of the court showdown. “I am filled with so much anxiety and hope and nerves and doubt and all my emotions are going crazy,” she wrote in a series of posts. “If u (you) pray, I could use one this week (sic). I find out the fate of my career Tuesday…

“I love my fans so much. Thank you for all the support you guys have given me in this legal situation. There comes a point in life when the truth is the only option. I have to trust that the universe will guide me from there… Money isn’t the answer. Fame isn’t the point. For me, it’s about connection and love. And happiness. And no one can take that away. They can enslave and beat you down. Bully you. Hurt you. Kill you even. But no one has control over your happiness. Keep smiling. It’s the greatest revenge.”

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