Kerri-Anne Hanging Out With Connell Cruise

Well done on all your awesome accomplishments so far… You’re doing such exciting things at the moment in South Africa and in the States. What’s coming up?
I’m certainly keeping busy! It was important to me to promote my new album in South Africa first, which I’ve just done, so now promotion will start in the US. I am also excited to be performing at the LA Pride Festival soon where Brandy and Chromeo are also on the bill and I’ll be performing to an audience of 120 000 people! My wedding is also coming up in South Africa and I get to take my wife and her family to a game farm; I’m looking forward to the honeymoon too!

Can you share a cool memory with us from your time in New York City?
Just being there for the first time was great because I got to see all the places I’d only ever seen in the movies and in comic books and it was so exciting! My first show was packed and I taught the audience a Zulu verse which they sang along too and people brought South African flags along as well… It felt like home. The city was so welcoming to me. You have to work hard to keep going but it’s amazing. I also met my wife there which was obviously the best thing to have happened to me there so far too!

Are you working with anyone cool in the US at the moment?
Yes, I am working with quite a few Indie songwriters and I just love the way they handle lyrics and song writing! There is a lot of potential for pop artists and I am enjoying blending my genre with some Indie/Alternative elements. I have worked with incredible people who have also worked with The Chainsmokers, Jessie J, American Authors, Phillip Phillips and Shawn Mendes!

Do you have any special places you go to get your creative juices flowing?
I love living in the moment and I do my best work when I am under the gun. Sometimes when we are hanging out in the studio we just go out and walk around, go to the dock, look at the Brooklyn Bridge and check out the Statue of Liberty and we get inspired! We wrote Unbelievable while we were lying on the grass outside one day! I am constantly observing, engaging and embracing moments around me!

If you weren’t a musician, what would you be?
I really love learning and I studied psychology, theology, sociology and law. I think I’d probably be a lecturer or an academic and just study full time!
Three-ish words to describe…

South Africa: Vibrant, home, possibility
Yourself: Heartfelt, sincere, sexy
Music: Challenging, language, potential
Life: Wife, family, experiences

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