Josh Kempen Premieres Cinematic Video For His New Single ‘Promises’

Local crooner Josh Kempen is known for releasing emotional singles. Earlier this year, he released ‘Need Some Company’ which features the voice of Soulphiatown and now, as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album, Josh premieres his brand-new single ‘Promises’.

Josh is continuously evolving his sound and Josh proves that he has even more surprises up his sleeve. Josh tells us that ‘Promises’ is one of the most special singles he’s released to date. “Promises is about how love can be a gift and a curse at different times. It can fill you with defeat and nostalgia or be something to pull you through dark times,” he tells us. “I don’t offer or have any answers or revelations to this sort of conundrum, I just attempted to write about it honestly.”

To celebrate the release of the single, Josh also premiered the track’s official music video as well. Josh is a visual artist and enjoys creating music videos which compliment both the sound and message he sings about in his music. On the video, Josh tells us that “I met Brandon Hinton, the video’s creative director for a coffee in Joburg one day and told him that I want to shoot a motorbike on a beach for the video. He said to me, ‘dude the beach has been done, let’s shoot a Salt Pan!’ A month later we had a cast and crew which included the beautiful Courtney Fitchat, co-producer and director Rob Dos Santos, and cinematographer Byron Davis and embarked on the 19-hour journey to the pan.”


Josh adds that the experience was unlike any other he had experienced. “There was no cell phone signal in the place and it was just so beautiful – it is like we are on another planet. We spent the next four days filming. I’m obviously very happy with the video and how beautifully it turned out, but the process of making it, the absolute adventure it was, not to mention that I was working with some of my closest friends, that’s what made it a big success for me. And I’m so grateful for those days we spent in the Pans.”

Watch the ‘Promises’ music video here: