Join Our Exclusive People WhatsApp Group!

Hi, readers! We love being in contact with all of you, and now, with the establishment of our dedicated WhatsApp line, we can!

If you’re looking for exclusive behind the scenes content, previews of stories and magazine content, and extra snippets straight from our newsroom, then all you have to do is SMS your name and surname to 060 858 1086 and our Editor, Andrea Caknis, will add you to our WhatsApp group, to which she will be sending  out snippets of news throughout the week.


WhatsApp Andrea

So, join the hottest club and town, and let’s get chatting!

That number again is 060 858 1086

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I chat with other people on the group?

No, you can’t send messages to other people on the group. You won’t be able to see other members. You can send messages to People Magazine that only we will see.

How much does the WhatsApp news service cost?

It is free of charge. Only data service provider charges apply.

What about my privacy?

We will not share your name or number with a 3rd party. You will only be contacted by People Magazine.

How often will I receive messages?

We will send a round up of news at various times from Monday to Friday.

I don’t want to receive messages anymore. How do I opt out?

Simply send a WhatsApp message saying “STOP” and you will be removed from the group.

Can I call People Magazine on this number?

No, you cannot call this number. Our office number is listed on our website.