Johnny Apple “Home Tonight Is Inspired By Someone Special”


It’s been three years since Johnny Apple rose to fame as the winner of SA’s Got Talent. Since winning the competition, he built up an incredibly large, loyal fanbase that has stuck through him through thick and thin. A year later, he released his debut self-titled album which included hits such as ‘Monday Night’ and ‘Warrior’. However, a lot has changed since then. Johnny has finally found direction and has matured both vocally and as an artist. Now, after taking some time off to work on his craft, Johnny Apple is ready for his comeback – and has a new EP heading our way.

After spending a lot of time experimenting in the studio and working with many producers and artists, Johnny Apple is finally ready to show off what he has spent so much time on. He drops his comeback single ‘Home Tonight’ on Friday which will serve as the first taste of Johnny’s upcoming project. We sat with the star and had a chat about his new material.

You’ve got a new single dropping on Friday. What inspired ‘Home Tonight’?

The song is inspired by someone special in my life and making the most of the time you have with people that are important to you. We’re only young once and only live once!

How different is this song from the material on your debut album?

I feel like there is more maturity in my voice. When people hear the song they will know it’s me, but also, that I’m not the same sixteen year old that released “Monday Night”. It might have been a while since I’ve released new music but hopefully it will have been worth the wait for my fans.

What element do you think the FutureKings brought to the song?

Simply put, FutureKings brought life to the song! The guys are so talented! I love working with them and have done a few other tracks with them too that I’m dying for everyone to hear.

The track serves as the lead single off your upcoming EP. How have you grown musically since dropping your first record two years ago?

I feel like I’ve grown in the sense of the lessons I’ve learnt about the industry over the last few years. It has its ups and downs and you have to ride the tide and go with the flow. Musically I feel like my voice is in a better place than it’s ever been and I’m also working harder to improve my songwriting, so I can be more hands on with my sophomore album.

You’ve also worked with Isle of Skye on a track for your new album. Tell us a bit more about that?

I don’t want to say too much. All I’ll say is that it’s a great song and I hope it inspires people to get up and dance! Rob & Carl are very talented guys and are going to be huge a year from now. I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to the song.

What other surprises do you have in store for us on the new album?

Maybe a big collabo or two? I’ll keep the secrets for now, but what you can expect is truly Johnny 2.0. I’m saying goodbye to my life as a teenager and hello to a brand new era where I’m officially a young adult and hungrier than ever to make an impact in the music industry. I hope I can make my fans proud and I’m so thankful to the people that have stuck with me since day one. There is much more to come so watch this space!

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