Jo Black Gets Candid On New Album ‘Voel Jy Die Genade’

Afrikaans superstar Jo Black topped local charts this week when he dropped his highly-anticipated second studio album ‘Voel Jy Die Genade’ after the title track went on to become the star’s one biggest hits to date and the new album is set to become just as big as the star’s debut album ‘Skepe’. Now, Jo opens up about the hard work that went into putting this album together.

“I poured my heart and soul into this album. I worked incredibly hard on this project and hope that it will inspire those who listen to it, as it inspired me while I was creating it,” Jo tells us. “We wrote about whatever came up, and somehow managed to turn it into a great album. Another act of grace. The biggest challenge, however, is that I had 35 years to write my first album, but only one year to write the second.”

Jo believed that following up such a successful debut record would be hard work but he was up for the challenge – as long as he ensured that he created music that is three dimensional. “It mustn’t only be easy on the ear; it must also speak to the heart and soul. It must truly resonate with people,” he says. “The single, like the album, summarises the last two years of my life. When I look back on my journey, I realise that everything that happened was by grace. I hope it inspires people to also see and experience the grace in their own lives.”

‘Voel Jy Die Genade’ is now available in store and on your favourite digital music platform.

El Broide

El Broide

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