Jessica Nkosi On Why It’s Important For Her To Support Organizations Like CHOC

Last week, Jessica Nkosi spent a day with CHOC South Africa as they continue to bring their A-game when it comes to assisting children around the country who are battling with cancer. The star attended a breakfast event which saw Clover Nutrikids commit to purchasing a sixth house for CHOC, this time in Port Elizabeth and it was there that she revealed why supporting CHOC means so much to her.

“Cancer has been something that has affected my family for years. I’ve lost many close relatives to cancer. It’s no secret that I absolutely adore children, and it kills me that cancer is affecting little ones! This is why early detection is key and this is where CHOC and their CHOC Houses play such a big part in ensuring children are supported throughout their treatment and recovery journey,” says Nkosi.


CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation was established in 1979 by parents of children with cancer and life threatening blood disorders. The organisation exists to serve and support the children, parents, families and communities through their cancer journey to keep more than hope alive. Having experienced the immense emotional and financial toll that cancer takes, they recognised there is more than one victim in the family of a child with cancer, and they bound together to support each other, children with cancer and their loved ones.

Their aim was to ease the burden on parents and families facing the same journey by providing access to relevant, accurate information, as well as emotional and practical support. CHOC is the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer, life-threatening blood disorders and their families. They have a national office in Johannesburg, six regional offices, one branch, and 13 accommodation facilities close to treatment centres. CHOC relies on corporate sponsors such as Clover and donations from groups or individuals wanting to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer.

In 2018, Clover Nutrikids fundraised and invested close to R2 million into the fifth Clover Nutrikids CHOC House located in Pretoria. The six-bedroom house underwent major renovations to ensure that each area of the house provided maximum benefit to the children receiving treatment as well as the CHOC employees who are vital to the children’s recovery.